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Colleen Pang-Wong, R

What does it mean to have everything under the sun? In Waikele, the answer is clear. From the beautifully landscaped paths perfect for a relaxing walk or invigorating bike ride to the wide open parks to the exciting shopping and golf, this is certainly a very special place.

A Special Place

“Waikele has so much to offer. But what really stands out here, are the people. We have a wonderful blend of locals and those from all over the world. It’s a virtual melting pot and a great opportunity to meet others from different walks of life,” says Colleen Pang-Wong, one resident who certainly embodies the spirit of this unique place.

For this Hawaiian native, this area is not only the perfect place to interact with new people, but ideal for spending time with her family. And because family is so important to Colleen, big Sunday dinners at her parents’ home where cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, and grandparents can get together have become a tradition. “Family has always been a big priority. Growing up they were a strong support system for many areas of my life. Today, I try to give my own kids that same support,” she says.

Having such a close-knit support system to lean on has given Colleen much of the drive, determination, strong beliefs and values she has today. Her grandmother always stressed the importance of education, something that Colleen certainly took to heart. She went away to college at the University of Oregon for a change of pace and soon earned her bachelors then her MBA. But the draw of the island and her family was too strong, so she made her way back home.

The Perfect Guide

In a place like Waikele that has everything under the sun, its real estate market is highly desirable and complex. That is why you need a professional who has just as much to offer when it comes to your home sale or purchase on the island. As one of the area’s leading real estate professionals, Colleen will go out of her way to ensure you have all the possibilities in front of you, so you in turn can make the most of your opportunities.

Her comprehensive knowledge of this areas market will give you an inside track to Waikele. When helping you with your move, she believes in keeping you informed and educated so you have the power to make confident decisions about your family’s future.

High Tech. High Touch.

Colleen has also always been dedicated to keeping up with the most up-to-date technology and trends to give her clients more in terms of innovative marketing, financial information and organization. “People are so busy these days. I find that investing in technology and better, more efficient ways to do things, benefits everyone,” she says.

Count on Colleen

When it comes to your home sale or purchase in Waikele and the surrounding areas, look to the expert whose complete brand of service covers everything under the sun you’ll need to make your move a success. Count On Colleen. Colleen Pang-Wong has the experience, knowledge and determination to make your transaction a great one. Call her today.

The Presidents, Centurion and Quality Service Producer awards were presented to Colleen Pang-Wong at the 2012 Annual CENTURY 21 Awards Presentation.